As conference organisers we are passionate about our work and always aims to deliver a unique setting for your meeting. We can provide venues, equipment, catering and other services necessary to produce memorable and successful conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops.

Our secret touch? The venues and meeting facilities. We work with a select group of partners and property owners hiring out special locations and buildings, be they historical and traditional or modern – your choice. Our partners have Arab mudejar style palaces with private gardens and patios planted with orange trees in the middle of the sprawling maze that is old Seville, a cutting edge art gallery or a creative workspace for artists.

Incentive trips

We would love to be entrusted with the organization of your next incentive trip. Together with you, we will create an imaginative itinerary, including some of the highlights of this rich culture or a detour off the beaten track to explore and experience the real Andalucia. Daytrips to La Alhambra in Granada, visiting the cherry barons of Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz the oldest city of Europe. Or lesser known gems such as Barbate, Sanlucar de Barrameda or Castillo de Castellar…

Guided tours

We offer personally guided tours, tailor-made for different interests, Arab history, Architecture, Flamenco history, Film history, Fine Arts, Bullfights or Gastronomy. Our guides are either industry working professionals or academic experts.

Hotel Bookings

We can help you find the best available accommodation according to your budget.

What about a loft with terrace or a stylish and modern apartment in the middle of the historic center? An exquisite Boutique Hotel with all the special attention and luxury you require for that special break? We also do hotels in all categories – centrally located with or without swimming pool. Or what about escaping to a charming, rural retreat on an estate (hacienda) just a short hop outside the city centre?


Your next team building gathering or annual meeting in Seville? In the city itself or in a quaint and inviting village in the vast countryside just outside the metropolitan area? A coastal town or village? There is no lack of places and spaces, in a part of Spain that up until now has been little explored by international tourists. You might get to see where the noble iberian pig lives and feeds of acorns, flamingos dipping their beak in the salt marshes off the banks of the Guadalquivir. The rolling countryside, the hills and mountains north and to the west and the long stretches of Atlantic coast line are waiting for you. We can provide the setting and environment, you get to choose the content and flavour, working closely with you to turn the team building trip and exercise into an enriching and unforgettable experience.


Culinary workshops

Every city in southern Spain fights for the coveted prize of being recognised as the tapas capital of the country. Maybe Seville does not deserve the title alone, but you will be hard pressed to not admit that the city can support a legitimate claim for at least being a culinary centre in the heart of tapas land. If you are a foodie or just interested in culinary tradition our tapas workshops, taught by chefs with experience of working in major restaurants around the country, then this course is for you!

Visit the market, sample the quality produce, seafood, fresh meat and cheeses. Get to know their qualities and usage within the cuisine. Take your shopping with you to a work space, put on your apron and get cracking…you will learn to cook like a sevillano/a under the auspices and guidance of an expert, using local and ecological ingredients where possible.


The secret should be out in the open –  Seville is the cradle of Arte Flamenco, the sounds, rhythm and pace of this sensual and enthralling musical style.Enthusiastic people come to Seville from all over the world to learn more about this exotic and magic artform.

There are various flamenco festivals during the year, the most famous being the  Flamenco Biennale of Seville, held every second year.

We can offer one or several days of flamenco workshops in song, dance, cajon (percussion), guitar and palmas (clapping). Lessons will be taught by prominent flamenco-artists, many of them of gipsy origin who have lived a life immersed in the musical culture from childhood.